Michigan Generac Dealer Talks About Important Generator Maintenance

Generac Generator maintenance. The single most important thing you can do to prevent downtime...

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As a Local Clawson Michigan Generac Dealer we see a lot of generators on a yearly basis.  When the power goes out, you want your Generac Automatic Standby Generator to work!  One of the biggest causes of failure is improper maintenance or a complete lack of maintenance all together…  We’re here to help you understand what your generator needs and when it needs it. 

Maintenance can range from just a quick checkup to make sure the unit is functioning properly, to a complete annual maintenance which involves changing the oil, spark plugs, air filter, checking the valves and so on.  Letting a unit go several years without any routine care will almost certainly result in some type of failure during the most important time you’ll need it, an outage!  It’s also important to remember that maintenance is required for units that are covered under their warranty period.  Without proper maintenance by a Generac dealer, the warranty may not apply for a problem, or even be voided all together!

We offer a complete set of  maintenance solutions for every size Generac Generator from the smallest portable generators up to the largest 150kW Commercial Series generators and everything in between.  We’ve had the past decade to fine tune the maintenance needs and requirements necessary to keep your generator running during even the longest outages.

Make sure that you’re using an Authorized Generac Dealer (like Gentek Power) who stocks parts and have them available when you need them the most.  Lots of installers will claim to ‘work on generators’, but when the time comes and you need service, they look to us for help.  We have the knowledge and experience that only thousands of hours spent in the field working on Generac products can produce!  When you have a problem, count on Gentek Power to have a solution!

If you have any questions about Generac maintenance, or anything else Generac related, always feel free to reach out to us using the Contact Us page or the phone numbers listed at the top!

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Chris Flagg is the owner of Gentek Power LLC of Michigan. He's considered an expert in Generac Generator troubleshooting and technical support across the country and runs one of the largest technical support websites on the internet for Generac products.