Meet The Owner Of Gentek Power Of Michigan – Chris Flagg

Gentek Power Michigan Owner

I started my career as a Michigan Electrical Apprentice, working for a local Troy, Michigan electrical contractor mainly focused in the commercial and industrial sector of the electrical trade.  After about 4 years working towards my Michigan Journeyman license, I switched companies and went to work as a Generac technician in the Orion/Oakland Twp area during which time I took and passed the Michigan Journeyman Electrical Exam.

I now worked for a large local E-Commerce Generac dealer, turning their Generac service department into a large following of loyal Michigan customers.  I maintained a close relationship with my clients and developed a trust with them which continued for nearly 10 years through my career there.  During the last 3 years of my employment, my job requirements shifted to a parts and service manager position, as well as Generac technical support and E-commerce specialist.  It was a welcomed change and an excellent learning experience along the way.

During my time there I also studied to become a Michigan Master Electrician.  In October of 2018 I passed the Michigan State Licensing Exam and became a Licensed Master Electrician. (Not an easy test by the way…)

I made my decision to start my own Generac dealership (Gentek Power LLC) in late 2018.  The choice was a tough one to be sure. Leaving a stable income, coworkers, friends (some of which I considered family), was a very hard decision which deeply affected everyone involved…

As I sit and write this, Gentek Power is now a reality.  As a new Michigan Generac dealer, my focus is building my local client base.  In this business, trust and confidence in your service provider (me) is everything.  It takes time to build those relationships, but that’s why I’m here, and that’s why I will succeed!  Anyone can talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, Generac generators and tech support for them are what I specialize in.  Being able to rattle off part numbers and offer technical help over the phone to get customers back up and running in the middle of the night is what I live for, and it’s what keeps people coming back!  Offering fair, honest prices and quick repairs are what I’m all about.  Getting ‘the runaround’ when you call a dealer with a problem should not be commonplace, and I’m here to change that for good!

Since I’ve been a kid (seriously, nothing in the house was safe from being taken apart…), troubleshooting and working with electronics have been a passion of mine.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fixing something that was broken and seeing the smile on someone’s face who thought it couldn’t be done!

If you’ve made it this far through my rambling, you now know what I’m all about and how hard I’ve worked to get where I am today!  If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to use the phone number at the top, or the Contact Us page to send me a note.  I respond as quickly as possible to e-mails and messages.

If you’re not in Michigan, but would still like my Generac technical help, you should visit the completely FREE Generac Troubleshooting Help Forum.  I reply to Generac tech support questions there as much as possible, and there are several other techs on there who graciously offer their time as well. 

Chris Flagg – Owner; Gentek Power LLC of Michigan