Generac Mobile Link WiFi & 4G Explained

Generac Mobile Link System
Generac Mobile Link 4G LTE version installed on a Generac 16kW Standby Generator

What is the Generac Mobile Link System & why do you want it..?

You can view this article’s counterpart, which talks about the new Mobile Link 7170 WiFi/LAN accessory and how it compares to the 4G Cellular Mobile Link. The new article explains the differences and which you should be buying if you’re needing to upgrade the 3G model. The 3G 6463 which is about to be dropped by Verizon Wireless, won’t be supported past the beginning of 2021.  See the new article here: Which New Generac Mobile Link Do I Need? 3G Being Dropped!

The Generac Mobile Link monitoring system has been around since 2009 or so, when the first 3G cellular Mobile Link remote monitor hit the market.  It was Generac’s initial offering into the remote monitoring service for home standby users who wanted to be able to view their generator’s status from anywhere they had internet connectivity.  As the Verizon network which the Mobile Link system rides on improves, so have the Mobile Link devices themselves.

Why do you need remote standby generator monitoring anyway?  The short answer is reliability!  With monitoring the generator constantly and getting alerts when there is service due or a potential problem, we can take care of any issues before there is a problem during an outage, when the unit is needed most.  Waiting until the power goes out to detect a problem is always too late…

We see pictured above the newest version which uses Verizon’s 4G LTE network to stay connected.  This is a great option for standby generator users who don’t want to worry about their generators when they are away, or just don’t want to worry about checking on the unit.  The benefit to using the 4G LTE cellular version of the Mobile Link system vs. the now standard [included] WiFi option is that downtime is extremely rare.  It would require the Verizon network to fail for the unit to lose its connection. 

All new Generac Standby Generators in the main Air Cooled lineup of units come standard with a WiFi Mobile Link module, which can be setup in just a few minutes and offers a FREE option for monitoring the generator.  The downside to WiFi monitoring of any kind is that if the WiFi network goes down, or the internet connection is lost due to an outage from the service provider, the connection to the generator is also lost.  The free monitoring option is also very limited in the information that is sent when there is a problem with the unit.  Generac offers the free monitoring plan with only a basic monthly email sent to customers showing past statuses.  It does NOT alert customers of current issues such as low oil faults, starting issues, or maintenance reminders.  Instant alerts are available with the Fleet program talked about below or a paid subscription by the customer.

Gentek Power now offers Generac’s Fleet service which is an even greater layer of protection!  With Fleet, we get alerts on our end when there is a problem with the generator or it needs service.  This allows us to proactively contact you and schedule an appointment to get things taken care of quickly and with no downtime if at all possible.  With Fleet, we can also remotely clear non-critical alarms and even update the generator’s software for maximum performance.  Staying on top of service and updates is critical to the operation of the standby generator.  The other added bonus to Fleet management is that you, the customer, also get an upgrade to the best monitoring package, with instant alerts and monitoring.  You can select to have text messages sent, emails, or a combination of both.

Monitoring starts at a little less than $5 per month [for WiFi users] and you can have Generac Fleet setup and never have to worry about the status and health of your Generac Home Standby Generator!

For more information or if you have any questions, you can always call or email using the Contact Us links at the top of this page.  We’re always here to help!