Generac Announces New Engines For Air Cooled Models | 10kW 7172, 13kW 7175, 16kW 7178

Generac Generator 16kW Model 7178

Brand New Generac Air Cooled Engines For Models 7172 10kW, 7175 13kW, 7178 16kW

Generac has transitioned into their new 2019-2020 Air Cooled model lineup recently with some major changes to the current product offerings.  New Models include: 7171 10kW, 7173 13kW ,7176 16kW, 7175 13kW with 200A SE Transfer Switch, 7178 16kW with 200A SE Transfer Switch, 7172 10kW with 100A Select Circuit Switch, 7174 with 100A Select Circuit Switch, & 7177 16kW with 100A Select Circuit Switch.
The new Generac Air Cooled units will include 2 new engine platforms with some significant changes.  The new 816CC engine found in the 13kW and 16kW Models 7175, 7178, 7174, 7177, 7173, & 7176 will have an all new design and include the much sought after hydraulic lifter design.  This means that the days of having to manually adjust valves (at least on the 13kW and 16kW) are now gone.  The 816CC engine will continue to be a 2-cylinder design with slightly less displacement and use slightly less fuel that the previous 16kW design.
The new 7173, 7174, & 7175 13kW platform fills a void that was left by the previous model line.  The line jumped from 11W directly to 16kW leaving those who remember the 14kW behind.  The new Generac 13kW now fills in that gap for people who may have a smaller A/C unit they’re trying to run, or a well pump that may not run on a 9kW unit.
The 11kW 530CC engine was totally phased out for the new 460CC single cylinder engine found in the new 10kW Model 7171, & 7172.  This single cylinder design is great for people wanting to run minimal items such as a furnace, basic lights, a TV and some plugs around the house.
The new line is available now and will continue to include Mobile Link WiFi as a standard option with free and paid plans.