Generac CorePower Overcranking

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I have a Generac CorePower 58370 now for about 8 years. Recently the weekly cycle did not start the generator. It gave me a code of just overcrank. I tried to manually start it and it would not. It sounded like it is not firing at all. I can smell the gas when it is trying to start. The battery is good. Got it replaced 1.5 years ago. I tried changing the spark plug and that did not work. The service dealer that I used charges an arm and a leg. Just for a yearly tone-up was $420. I had the started replaced less than a year ago for $600. I have spent thousands in repairs and maintenance. I am in the process of looking into replacing it. However I want to make sure this one will work before it gets replaced. I tried two other service dealers and they refuse to work on CorePower. So I'm hoping someone out there can help me to determine the problem. I don't want to get charged hundreds since I'm considering replacing it. I do have a video of the failed manual starting. However looks like I cannot attach it. Any suggestions in the overcrank ? Thank you for any help you can provide.
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The first thing I would check is to see if you have spark. If you smell fuel I would imagine bad ignition coil or something spark related.

If you upload the video to YouTube and then copy/paste the link here, it will auto embed the video for you.
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