Model 52400 not very automatic

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Generator is approximately 12 years old, always covered by small shed. Had some recent issues with it not responding to power outages. If I start it manually- sometimes it’ll only run for 15-20 minutes then stop. The red lights seem to indicate that it is low on oil. But dipstick checks out fine. The longest run of about 2 hours today came when I left the cover up on the steel enclosure. But then when I restarted it, it wasn’t making power... it’s been a frustrating day! I opened the automatic switch and manually operated the switch. Then my generator ran well for about 45 more minutes. Once again it quit - luckily at same time our main power was restored. Total “down time” (no line power) was 7 hours. Generator should’ve covered that easily. We ran it for 2 straight days (45) hours a couple of years ago, same installation- no changes. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks!
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A couple of things... These units should NOT be covered or installed in any structure of any kind!

Is the alarm for low oil pressure each time? If so, it may simply have a bad oil pressure switch. The other avenue would be that it really isn't making oil pressure for some reason, which would be an internal engine issue...
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