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I have a 20kw Synergy with less than 200 hrs. It just threw error code 1053 which i understand indicates an issue with the AVR. Replacement price for the AVR assemble is in excess of $2,500. What is recommended for trouble shooting steps? Can the AVR be rebuilt? Any help would be much appreciated.
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My troubleshooting knowledge on these units is very limited since I only have 1 here personally that I have ever worked on. The AVR's are indeed VERY expensive, as well as the rotor/stator assemblies.

I can really only suggest following the troubleshooting flowcharts in the diagnostic manual for that unit and see how the tests play out. I have seen a few people mention that they found a damaged brush pack and it was causing the issues they were having.

The diagnostic manual for it is here: ... tic-manual
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