ATS fails to transfer to generator

Automatic/Manual transfer switch repair, wiring & troubleshooting questions
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Fuel supply type (NG or LP), size of pipe and length of gas run LP
- Model and Serial number of generator 0046920 3633996
- Problem you're having, what have you done so far to try and resolve the issue Replaced the battery. Runs fine in Manual. Nothing as yet
- Do you have access to testing equipment such as a digital volt meter and fuel pressure gauge Yes have all the tools
- How long has the problem been happening, during cold/warm weather? Unknown. People just moved into this house
- What has the maintenance been like for the generator (a lot of problems are due to a lack of maintenance) Idle for several months, battery had to be replaced as well.
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This is normally an easy to track down cause, sometimes the repair may vary...

There are 2 things the transfer switch needs to transfer to standby mode. 1. Generator power available at the switch and 2. a signal from the 23/194 circuit to actually transfer.

Both of those things can be easily checked with a digital meter. The generator E1 and E2 lugs should measure output voltage of about 240V at 60Hz. When simulating an outage test to make it transfer, after the generator warmup period, you should have 12V between the 194 wire and 23 wire inside the transfer switch. You should also be able to visibly see the small relay move after the 10 second warmup.
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