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Hey, there! I hope you're doing well.
I need your wise advice! I live in a house, so I'm acquainted with the snow removal. Two months ago I've started going to the gym after work 3 times a week and I now have enough physical activity, lol. In other words, I'm tired remove snow myself and I think about purchasing a snowblower. Choosing out of this list, but I'll consider any other recommendations! Btw, spring has come and maybe there are any discounts for snowblowers, aren't there? Thanks in advance.
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We're here in Michigan, so snow is no stranger haha!

I personally have had both kinds, a 2-stage machine which is very heavy and requires some work to use and also a single stage 2-stroke Toro machine like you see a lot of people using. Toro now makes a 4-stroke version which seems a little nicer and I don't think they are too expensive. I've used my brother's and it does a fine job. A little easier when dealing with wet snow since the 2-stage machines just plug up! I think his is a Power Clear 518 model.

A lot of people are also getting into the electric cordless snowblowers made by EGO and others. I've heard decent things about them, but I think they're quite pricey!

I'm sure you could find a used Toro for somewhere in your price range. :cool:
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