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Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:32 am

A week ago I had a 22KW liquid cooled Generac generator installed (RG02224ANAX) with a 100 amp Generac transfer switch. Everything went well with the installation and startup, except they had a wiring issue. The generator reported a wiring problem. They contacted Generac and were told to remove the neutral from the battery charging terminal. The code went away and the generator ran fine. A few days ago it reported low battery. The installer came out and replace the battery. I checked the voltage after it was installed and it reported a little over 12.5. I thought this odd because the charger should be sending more voltage to it. He checked the dealer setup menu and it said it was charging the battery. Since Monday the voltage on the battery has been steadily dropping. When I mentioned the missing neutral to the battery charging terminal, he said that when they connected it there was a "pop" and they were told it wasn't need by Generac. The manual says it is, but they followed Generac's instructions. What needs to be done to get the battery charging properly? Would there be a short in the battery charger? Thanks for your help and God bless.
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The T1 and Neutral connection for the charger MUST be wired for the charger to work. If they are not, the charger will not charge and the battery will die in a matter of a day or two. The 'pop' may just be the load being connected since they are clearly not powering down the T1 wire when they are connecting it. If you'd like, post some pictures of the install so we can see what's going on here...

The 'Wiring Error' alarm means that they sent high voltage (120-240V) to the low voltage side of the controller (12V)... Something was miswired or mislabeled and they messed up most likely.
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