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Licensed electrician here who sells and services Generac air-cooled standby generators. I've been through the air-cooled training course and was certified 6-years ago. It has expired since and so here I am with moderate experience in repairing generators.

I'm located in Point Pleasant, NJ., where I live and operate my small electrical contracting business.

I've been electrician for 30-years and I'm a Navy Seabee/ Operation Desert Storm war veteran.

Thank you!
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Welcome, we're glad to have you, and thank you for your service!!
Generac tech for over 12 years. I'm here to help!
"The only source of knowledge is experience" -Albert Einstein
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Thank you for your military Ron, I was born in Jersey from Lyndhurst , lived there 1960-1971 then off to SoCal, we used to go to point pleasant in the 60s nice place.
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Thank you for your service. I appreciate it more then you know. I'm local to you in Jackson.
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