Briggs & Stratton PP 26/24 Symphony2 RM 50 Trouble

Briggs & Stratton generator troubleshooting
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I have recently installed a B&S Power Plus 26/24 generator Model # 040658. It came with a Symphony II ATS Model # 07168. There are two RM-50 modules Model # 071051 for load management. This is what is supposed to happen:

Module 1 is set for priority 1, which means 5 min after transfer there is a 20 sec interval then Module 1 relay closes.
Module 2 is set for priority 9. which means lock out, relay stays open during generator operation.

This doesn't happen. Both modules close after 5min.The start up tech was puzzled by this and could not figure out why. He made calls to other techs, no answers as to why. Inside the RM-50 there are two status LEDS.
Top LED is for Relay state: Off = Open; Green = Closed; Red = Fault
Bottom LED is for Comm state: Off = No Power; Green = Comm; Orange = No Comm; Red = Fault
This is what happens: When RM-50's are energized the bottom LED is lit immediately. However it has an orange color to it. Then 5 min later the top LED is lit green. I asked the tech about Comm LED color and he said that color is really "green" due to the LED being a tri-colored type. He said that if there were no Comms we would see a more brilliant orange. He gave up and ( his shop ) left me on my own. A week later I switched Off the Main breaker in the ATS and the modules performed as they were supposed to !!! So before I called the shop back ( one week later ) I tried it again and it went back to the original problem. Can any one help me please? Thank you!
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The modules work of the frequency from the house power. Need to obtain the installation manual from one of the modules. In the transfer switch there is a separate control board for management. The board has a test button for the modules. Also it has led lights that show the module priority. The controller is a manager for the modules
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