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I am considering using a Briggs Symphony II ATS on my install....there is very little technical information out on the web on this ATS (I believe made by Eaton).

There are 2 signal wires running between the ATS and genset: one is labeled GND the other is labeled T/R.

Assuming GND=ground. (my multimeter will confirm this)

Can anyone tell me what type of signal is being sent on the t/r conductor? I have checked to see if it is a open/closed circut and checked it for voltage on the ATS end, but of no avail. Does the Genset send voltage back to the ATS?
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Briggs isn't my strong spot, but I believe they use a communication cable between the gen and switch so that switch issues can be reported to the gen's controller. I don't believe this is a voltage as much as a serial communications signal.
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Yes it is communication signal. The only signal needed to work correctly is the 240 volt sense signal. When the generator powers up the 240 volt power sends the signal to the ats controler. Not quite sure how much communication is available the other signal but is not required to be hooked up. Pretty simple control system
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Eaton used to and may still sell a similar version. Unlike the Generac system, it has a control board in both the generator and in the transfer switch, but different than say a two wire start system. Utility power drops out, generator sees loss of utility, starts, transfer switch may choose, depending upon dip switches, time to warm up and transfer. The transfer switch will also dictate time to return to utility and cool down for the generator. These Briggs switches work well with Generac as well, just need T1 added.
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