Gerarac ATS RXSW200A3 to be connected to Cummins generator

Automatic/Manual transfer switch repair, wiring & troubleshooting questions
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I need help with my generac Ats RXSW200A3 to be connected to Cummins genset
How will I connect it. Cummins only have 2 wires to send to ATS for auto start the generator
Can you help me how to wire them
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There is no way to wire them to make this combo work without additional hardware of some kind.

The Cummins generator is a 2-wire start unit which requires an intelligent transfer switch which does the utility monitoring and transferring (MUCH more expensive than the switch you have). The Generac switch is the exact opposite. It requires a generator which does the thinking and just signals the transfer switch to move when told to do so.
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