Trouble with dipstick readings - Kohler 24RCL

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Hi folks. I recently had a liquid cooled Kohler installed (model 24RCL) at my home. I noticed that the dipstick was showing the oil level 2-3 cm's above the max fill line. I attempted to drain out 1/4 quart at a time, but noticed that the oil level on the dipstick was not coming down. After I had pulled out about 2 quarts (1/4 quart at a time)... I decided to simply drain all the oil and start over. I let the unit drain for about an hour before closing the valve and filling it back up. When the unit was empty, I did check to dipstick again and it was dry. The manual calls for 4.4 quarts of oil. Using full synthetic 5w30, I added about 2 quarts before checking the dipstick. And sure enough, after only 2 quarts of oil, the dipstick was reading above the top mark again! The only things I can think of:

1. The unit shipped with the wrong dipstick... perhaps it's too long and sitting an inch or two lower in the oil pan than it's supposed to.
2. Somehow the dipstick tube is installed incorrectly (not sure if that's actually possible).
3. There's some pressure in the dipstick tube that is holding or sucking oil up... which in turn is showing a higher reading on the dipstick than what's actually in the oil pan.
4. I'm doing something wrong...?

The reason I am concerned... during an extended outage, or anytime for that matter, I am unable to see if the oil levels are OK and to see if i need to add oil. Apparently, the unit is showing full until there's less than 2 quarts of oil.

Has anybody had similar experience with this? Or have any ideas? I realize that if I add 4.4 quarts of oil, per the manual, that the machine will be properly filled. But over the course of a year (until the next oil change), i'll be unable to determine if oil had been consumed and needs another 1/2 quart or 1 quart. Thoughts? Thanks all!!!
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Look at where the oil dip stick stops against the tube. Has it moved ? Get the part number off the dip stick and call Kohler and ask if it is the correct part.
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