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6Kw over voltage issue

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:47 pm
by Emmer
Looking for help on an over voltage issue with my generator.

What happens, and not all the time is the generator faults out my solar system (Magnum energy MS4024PAE) with the error over voltage error.
I reset the generator by turning it off and back on again and for the most part it works again just fine.
Notes about when it happens.
1) sometimes happens when the charge cycle goes from bulk to float.
2) Sometimes happens when I have a motor turn off (well pump 1/2 HP)

Seems like it cannot handle the ramp up of power when a load shuts off, It looks to me like a voltage regulator issue, and from my understanding that is built into the controller on this model.

I have not placed a meter directly on the legs to verify the output issue, but do trust my inverter error report.
Does this sound like an AVR issue? Seems like a lot of this unit comes up discontinued.
Is there a updated controller available?

- Fuel supply type (NG or LP), size of pipe and length of gas run
LP, 1/2 pipe run about 30 feet. WP=13
- Model and Serial number of generator
Model= 0058180 SN= 6180431 Controller PN= 0H6680C
- Problem you're having, what have you done so far to try and resolve the issue
See above
- Do you have access to testing equipment such as a digital volt meter and fuel pressure gauge
Full access to many diagnostic tools, I'm a journeyman automotive tech for 20+ years
- How long has the problem been happening, during cold/warm weather?
Happens hot or cold, temps can vary here from -40c to +40c. Has been going on for a year, I think I should finally get it resolved.
- What has the maintenance been like for the generator (a lot of problems are due to a lack of maintenance)
serviced every fall, generator on a mild winter will (excluding 15 min exercise every 7 days) maybe puts on 10 hours run time in a 6 month period, summer is exercise only time as it is not needed. On a bad winter it will see 3 to 4 hundred hours service. On a bad winter the generator is checked over once a month for oil, air filter, rodents, etc.

Thank you!

Re: 6Kw over voltage issue

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:49 am
by Chris
Sorry that I missed this post!

You should use a quality digital meter to see if the output voltage from the generator is in fact too high. That would be the first place to start I think.

Re: 6Kw over voltage issue

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 12:38 am
by Emmer
I gave it a run tonight, but it didn't fault out. Will try more on the weekend and see if I can catch it.

Re: 6Kw over voltage issue

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:50 pm
by Emmer
Still haven't been able to get it to fault out, I have been trying all week.
This is partly the reasoning that I haven't been that gung ho in the past to fix it, due to the infrequent happening.
Will still keep trying to catch it and will post back when I get it.


Re: 6Kw over voltage issue

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:32 am
by Chris
Thanks for the update! :cool: