crankshaft oil leak

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Keep in mind that with a Kohler, your current transfer switch(s) will likely not work and need to be replaced or have a converter device installed to make them work properly.
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Yes, it would be a 1800 rpm water cooled unit (24RCL) . Im making some upgrades on the house electrical service, and will switch over to a kohler 200 amp ats to power the house and detached garage. We are currently using a 16 circuit generac ats. Does anyone have strong opinions about Kohler RDT vs RXT transfer switches?
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The RDT is a very simple switch with its own intelligence. It tells the generator when to start/stop.

The RXT has the intelligence in the generator controller but communicates over a data bus. So with it, you can see utility voltage, etc. as well as generator status if you are using Oncue.
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