Hi temp fault

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Have Generac 8kw model 0062510. 860 hrs on generator. 4 yrs old. Got hi temp fault. Checked for airflow- nothing blocked, checked/replaced sensor. Wiring to sensor good. Have not checked wiring to electronics (Have no schematic). Start cold generator ( off for several hours here in Alaska), fault alarm comes on after about 10 seconds. Removed and replaced fuse. Same results, (did not reset fault). Is there a way to reset fault?
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Did you get an error code 1400? You can reset alarm code by putting generator in STOP mode and pressing enter button 2 times.

Are you sure you replaced the proper temp sender. I have enclosed the testing procedure.

Going just by model number, the thermostat part should be #094090. But to be more exact you need to post serial number. Generac lists all parts against serial numbers. The same model line can have different parts over the years.
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