1505 error code

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About two months ago, I had my generator serviced. A month later, I had to have service person back to change the battery that was six years old.
Had a power outage and it ran fine. The next week it ran its weekly check fine. This week on check day I have a red light and a 1505 error code. I’ve already spent over $500 on service and a new battery in the last two months. Any information about what might be going on is appreciated.
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can you clear the error by pressing off, and enter, then place it in manual and see if it starts up. i need to know whether it tries to start or not.
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1505 is typically a battery/loose connection/starter issue. Hopefully when they replaced the battery, they made sure everything was tight and cleaned up if there was corrosion! I agree with GRS, you need to know what the unit will or will not do.
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