20 Kw no Gas

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Hey Guys I am working on a 20 Kw and it would not start found a broken spade on top of Gas regulator. I think I found the replacement part but they say the part is serial number spec so I can not find where I can find some to tell me which regulator is correct. I got a part number of 0G7622C the serial number on my generator is 6661791
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If you're talking about the fuel solenoid, this would be the one to use as a replacement: https://shop.gentekpower.com/products/g ... update-kit

Better solenoid and will come with a new plunger and gasket.

If you need the whole regulator assembly for some reason (like if the black plenum tank is rusting), use this one: https://shop.gentekpower.com/products/g ... lizer-tank
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