Utilize 2 wire start from Sol-Ark inverter instead of Generac ATS

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We installed the new 15k Limitless from Sol-Ark, which provides 2-wire start support. Before the install, there was a previously installed Generac 22kw LP unit, with ATS. It is possible to leave the generator ATS ahead of the inverter, but we would prefer to install it as an AC input on the inverter and utilize it's in built ATS and 2 wire control. How do we do that with the control circuits on this generator?

This is the generator:

S/N: 3009774781
Model: G0070432

MFR Date: 10/13/2021
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There is a kit, part # 7109, that is added to generator and converts it to a 2 wire start. You also have to go thru dealer menu to enable 2 wire start.
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