BBS-5 Fuse Substitute

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My 20 KW Generac Generator Model: 0062440 with Transfer Switch Model: OKO166B has been intermittently starting on “Loss of Utility” when there is no Loss of Power. I think I popped a couple of fuses in the Transfer Switch while looking for a loose connection. I can read the labels on 2 of the fuses but the third is scratched off. The two I can read are both BBS-5. Can I assume the third is also BBS-5? I am also having trouble finding replacement BBS-5 fuses. I can find FNM-5 fuses. The packaging says they are Time-Delay fuses. Will these be suitable replacements?
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Not supposed to use time delay fuses. BBS5 fuses can be found at Lowe’s and Home Depot . All 3 fuses are the same
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We stock them here: ... r-switches

You can usually find them locally at electrical supply stores, but sometimes they're pretty proud of them...
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