Why do my lights dim or flicker when the AC kicks on? Fix It!

Install help and sizing for Hyper Engineering Sure Start AC Soft Starters.
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Do your lights flicker when your central AC starts up? Dimming lights, or even lights that flicker when the central AC starts up are caused by a combination of things which can range from loose connections in the electrical panel, AC unit, or disconnect switches, to simply an older electrical system or grid in your area. The dimming or flickering is caused by the high inrush current that your AC unit needs when it first starts up. This initial 'inrush' of power draw (also called LRA or Locked Rotor Ampacity) can cause LED lights and other lighting to appear to flicker until the AC fully starts up.

If the issue is simply too much current draw on the system you can fix it with a Hyper Engineering Sure Start Soft Starter! Hyper Engineering's Sure Start AC Soft Starter now allows for up to 60% reduced LRA starting draws from your central AC system. This greatly reduces the current required to get the AC motor moving and thus reduces the flickering, or even eliminates it completely.

We commonly use Sure Starts during Generac Standby Generator installs because we can put a larger AC unit on the generator and still start the air conditioner with no issue for the generator. This gives us greater flexibility when sizing generators and keeps installation costs down as well. The Sure Start Soft Starter operates all the time, not just on generator power, so the easier starting is not just a benefit to standby generator owners trying to run their AC units.

Install is done at the AC unit itself and does require some experience with electrical connections and AC equipment. Oftentimes customers will either have us install it for them, or have their local HVAC contractor help them with the installation. Install takes about 15 minutes and the effects can be seen immediately. (We recommend a minimum of 6 starts of the AC equipment to fully teach the internal computer in the Sure Start how your AC responds to starting.)

The Sure Start units come in 2 sizes with their own part numbers to match. They are sized based on RLA (running amperage of the AC compressor) and will fall into 2 size ranges. 16-32A RLA and 8-16A RLA.

SS1B16-32SN https://shop.gentekpower.com/products/s ... -a-c-units is the part number for the 16-32A Sure Start
SS1B08-16SN https://shop.gentekpower.com/products/s ... -a-c-units is for the 8-16A Sure Start.

You can click the link next to the part numbers to be taken directly to our online store to purchase. We offer free shipping and the lowest prices!
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