you need to buy one of these for your AC

Install help and sizing for Hyper Engineering Sure Start AC Soft Starters.
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Thanks I really wanted to have confidence it the device. I’m going to reinvestigate the problem. I made sure it was rated correctly. Have a 4 ton compressor on my bench. Works fine when I bench tested it. The unit ran for a few days with the soft start. I amped it out and had good amperage. Had to be hooked up right. I going to hook it up on my house unit. Think that’s the best way to test it. Also double check the rating.
Birken Vogt
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I learned in class when talking to the Europeans. "Good" readings are not good enough for them.

What exactly was the amperage? How did you measure it? What was it before?

I too have had great success with these units. They make a hard-starting engine-bogging electric motor turn into a load that seems like just a heating element came on.
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