you need to buy one of these for your AC

Install help and sizing for Hyper Engineering Sure Start AC Soft Starters.
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I am also VERY pleased with the Hyper Sure Start that i just recently placed on my 4 ton AC compressor. I used to see a micro burst of up to 97 amp load when the compressor kicked on. today i saw 22 amp. I ran this test while using generator to power my house. The generator didnt even burp.
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It's honestly like magic! :lmao:
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Agree 100% with this. Recently purchased one (thanks Chris!) from the online shop here to add to my 5 ton Goodman outdoor unit. My 22kW Honeywell would bog down and start shedding loads when this AC beast kicked in. I checked inrush current and measured 117A peak inrush. Did that for a few starts for consistent readings. Next, installed the SureStart and let it do its things for a week (says it requires several starts to fine tune itself). Checked the current today and the inrush has been reduced to 70A peak inrush. Haven't done a full load generator test yet (planned for the weekend) to see how the generator acts. Once I do, I'll update this.

Thanks again Chris!

UPDATE 8/24/2020

Ran the generator with full load yesterday to test the effect of the SureStart. Once the generator was warmed up I placed a cooling demand on the 5 ton unit. The generator didn't even blip. Good product and glad I got it here.
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tested ats for the first time today with surestart on a 4ton ruud. there was no change in the sound of the generator when i turned on the hvac. inrush load of hvac dropped to 24amps. now i need to wire the thermostat into the ats
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I've also had one on my 2ton A/C unit for 2+ years now. Rated LRA on this unit is 55, I have a 9kw generator that was able to start it without one, but it bogged it down a bit. With the Surestart, inrush is only about 22 amps, and is much easier to start and run with surestart installed! from June 2019. Very happy with it.
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