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I am considering using a Briggs Symphony II ATS on my install....there is very little technical information out on the web on this ATS (I believe made by Eaton).

There are 2 signal wires running between the ATS and genset: one is labeled GND the other is labeled T/R.

Assuming GND=ground. (my multimeter will confirm this)

Can anyone tell me what type of signal is being sent on the t/r conductor? I have checked to see if it is a open/closed circut and checked it for voltage on the ATS end, but of no avail. Does the Genset send voltage back to the ATS?
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Briggs isn't my strong spot, but I believe they use a communication cable between the gen and switch so that switch issues can be reported to the gen's controller. I don't believe this is a voltage as much as a serial communications signal.
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