B&S 10KW LPG/NG Model 040375-00 oil leak contaminated alternator

Briggs & Stratton generator troubleshooting
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Backup Generator w/ATS, Vanguard twin cylinder, Vertical configuration, crankcase oil seal failed on soaked alternator with engine oil, brushes soaked in oil and rotator/strator soaked. Noticeable ring wear but not to significant....should be able to clear with emery paper.

To change in engine seal, I need to separate engine from alternator. four bolts hold these two pieces together. Is there anything mechanical needed other than to remove the four bolts and separate the engine from the alternator.

Will cleaning the alternator with kerosene be sufficient to clear the oil from the alternator coils?

This is rated for 10KW.....does the form factor of this series allow for larger engine and alternator?
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I don't know if I would use a fuel to clean the windings, since breaking down the insulation will cause failure. I have personally never tried it...

Most rotors are a tapered shaft and press fit onto the engine crankshaft and must be removed with either a special tool or a good smack with a dead blow hammer (you risk damage this way)...

The seal can be picked out with a seal puller tool or pick set and then driven it straight with a piece of PVC pipe or other tool that's the proper size. Make sure to lubricate the seal before install.

I'm not a Briggs expert, so I'm not sure about the form factor question with regard to changing engines or alternators.
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