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Briggs & Stratton generator troubleshooting
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3 year old 20KW. Maintenance (oil, filter sparks and air filter) done regularly. Valve clearance never done. Generator bogs down when stove or any heavy load is turned on. This never happened before. It starts fine and works well on light loads. But once any heavy load is turned on lights dim and engines struggles to keep the genes running. Any ideas or where to start troubleshooting?
Model 040336 Rev 2; Series 20001 Style 20kW LPG/NG
Serial 1023651578
Manufactured 11/2016
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Always start with the obvious, fuel supply... Check the regulator vents for mud wasp nests/spiders, and check over the fuel system in the unit for the same. Also check fuel supply pressure to make sure you don't have a fuel supply issue.
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