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Briggs & Stratton generator troubleshooting
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I have this engine on my Generac 4000FX power generator. I have no spark using a spark checker attached to the plug and the wire going to the plug. I have checked the Run/Stop switch and have continuity with the switch in Run and no continuity in the stop position. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to check out next. This generatior ran for two hours before it was stored in march of this year. Is the coil hard to get to? What thickness of a card would be acceptable to place between the coil and the fylwheel? Any help would be appreciated

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Most coils are spaced at .010 from the magnet.

If the unit has a low oil sensor, that may be killing spark as well.
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if he burned through all the oil in 2 hours it would look like a mosquito fog machine. i doubt the oil sensor failed.
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If the sensor had failed, then that could be the case. Then you need to figure out whether to disconnect the leads or connect the leads together to get it to start.
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