Vintage Generac (Early 1993 Unit, 5.0L GM V8)

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Very old Generac, still working fine when we pulled it. Has small leak in radiator (might have been fixed, not sure)
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It's a Vortec , so it's a good motor. And being 1800 RPM, that's about double what they would idle at in a car. And far less than the 5000 RPM red line they would have had in a vehicle.
It mentions the wiring diagram on the on the data plate. It might be worth looking at the diagram and seeing if it's a 12 wire unit and maybe possible for being rewired to 120/240 single phase.
Being gaseous fed, making it trailer mount portable might be a problem,,, but depending on the hours on the clock, it may serve someone at home for quite a while.
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