Replacement Housing for Generac 16KW Standby Generator???

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Hi All,

I have the subject generator that was purchased in 2007 & installed in mid-2008; Model No 0052431, S/N: 4918941 applies. Unfortunately it came equipped with the 12 vdc battery charging circuit that constantly over-charged the generator battery which ultimately resulted in a battery explosion. As you may already suspect, even after a thorough cleaning using fresh water, soap & baking soda, the forcibly ejected battery acid greatly accelerated the corrosion damage on my steel generator enclosure, and hence, I’m now in search of a replacement enclosure. I’ve replaced the 12 vdc battery charging module/CCA with a updated version that successfully eliminated the battery over-charging problem.
So I now need to identify which aluminum enclosure would be most appropriate to house the subject generator. Also, I’ve already searched the Generac website for the needed replacement enclosure parts & each was listed as, “Not Available”. If none of the currently available aluminum enclosures prove suitable for my need/application, I guess I’ll then be relegated to searching ebay for each enclosure part I need until I collect them all. Any assistance provided in support of my search would be Greatly Appreciated! Thank You!!
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We can get the whole kit for you, some of them include a new steel base and plastic pad, and others are just the enclosure and hardware without the base and pad.

It's best if you can shoot us an email with the serial number so we can keep track of things. As a warning up front, the kits are quite pricey...

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