Need help: Generac Q-55G/GN-480, MOD # 09592-3, SN 3147488, 120/240VAC

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2000 National RV Dolphin Class A, Generac Q-55G/GN-480, MOD # 09592-3, SN 3147488, 120/240VAC
Have been searching for a repair facility within about 300 mile radius of Marinette, WI, about an hour North of Packerland on the WI/Michigan UP border with no luck or takers.
Have pretty much exhausted my knowledge, as well as the local Truck County dealer with negative results.
Ran monthly during COVID last two years to keep lubricated and running. Starts and runs fine, but produces no power. When I ran, unfortunately, I neglected to run on a load. Not sure if that helps, but probably wrong thing to do.
Truck Country replaced the control, voltage regulator, and a couple other items (Easter-egged it).
We'd like to use the motorhome now, but with no genset we are limited in where we can go.
Need HELP!!
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