*When posting generator tech support questions, PLEASE provide basic info*

Terms & abbreviations we use here & some general generator information
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In order to better help diagnose your generator tech support questions, we ask that you please post as much basic information about the problem and generator as possible. The MOST helpful information about the generator is the serial number and model number. This allows us to lookup the generator and find out exactly what we're talking about. The model number and serial number will generally be on the same data tag as the other generator information. In the case with some manufacturers (like Generac) there is also an engine serial number which generally does no good when troubleshooting the generator as a whole.

When posting generator tech support questions please provide the following if at all possible:

- Fuel supply type (NG or LP), size of pipe and length of gas run
- Model and Serial number of generator
- Problem you're having, what have you done so far to try and resolve the issue
- Do you have access to testing equipment such as a digital volt meter and fuel pressure gauge
- How long has the problem been happening, during cold/warm weather?
- What has the maintenance been like for the generator (a lot of problems are due to a lack of maintenance)

You're more than welcome to copy and paste that right into your post and answer from there, or create your own list. The goal is to gather as much information as possible to determine a quick solution to the problem! :cool:
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