Skip Douglas (SkipD) passed away 7/17/2020

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It's with a heavy heart that I have to inform those who have been following Skip's recent struggle that he has passed away. :cry:

Skip was a passionate and caring person and a dear friend. He has been part of the forums since the beginning and we had met in a past work relationship many years ago, and became friends over the years. He loved anything hands-on and was a very critical thinker and made for an excellent controls person (what he did for 39 year for Honeywell before he retired in 2010). He and I shared a lot of tech-y interests and enjoyed talking through problems and finding answers.

His wife contacted me the morning after he passed, and I thought that those of you who knew Skip and were following along should know. He's in a better place now, free of pain and any suffering he was going through here battling Parkinson's.

The full obituary can be seen here: ... rationWall

Keep your loved ones close everyone...
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