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For those who have followed this forum for a while, or who know Skip and I from another forum, this is an update as of yesterday 5/12/20 about Skip's condition...

I spoke with Cindy (Skip's wife) last night for some time. Skip has been in a nursing home by himself since March, after a fall and having to get staples in his head to close the wound. It's incredibly sad that this happened at the same time as this Corona virus junk because Skip is now stuck in the nursing home by himself, and Cindy isn't allowed inside to visit. She can visit through the window of his room, but it's just not the same!

His condition is quickly deteriorating, and Cindy fears he won't make it to the summer months :cry: He's not eating well, and she mentioned he just looks tired and wants to move on from this life, in her words. I'm was very sad to hear this news, and even more sad to hear that she cannot be with him during all of this. I was hoping he would be able to come back home and at least be in Hospice care or something similar at the comfort of his own home.

I can't even imagine what this has done to him. He is a very hands-on type of guy and he and I share a lot of the same 'tinkerer' mentality and love messing with small projects and keeping busy. I think for him, not being able to do any of that or work with his hands has caused him great pain.

I just wanted to give everyone an update as I get them, since we may not have much time left to communicate with him. Cindy did mention that he's able to understand what she's telling him and they can occasionally FaceTime with each other.

Here's to hoping they can be reunited sooner, rather than later! :sad:
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