Skip Douglas (SkipD) not doing well...

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I'm sure many of you here don't know Skip as he hasn't been on in quite some time. Skip is a dear friend and was an integral part of setting up this site at the beginning. He offered his services completely free of charge and spent hours on the site combing through things to try and help make this is what it is today! I met Skip while I was working at Ziller Electric and running their forum. He and I worked very closely on website issues and he helped solve many problems over the years.

Skip is a very technical-minded person, much like myself. He was a controls engineer for most of his working life and knows a great deal about electrical controls, PLC's and programming and in a lot of cases wrote his own programming for systems he was in charge of. He has been a key player in helping many people repair their generators and offers a great deal of knowledge about electrical safety and testing equipment.

While I write this, Skip has no idea, and may never see this post... He hasn't been on the forums since June and may never again get the opportunity from what I have learned about his condition. Skip has the advanced stages of Parkinsons Disease and is unable to do much with computers anymore. I honestly can't imagine being the type he is and not being able to work with the instruments and tools that he loves. :cry: I think it's very hard on both he and his wife. She and I keep in touch about his condition and she has been gracious enough to let me post this and the picture of them you see below.

I wanted to keep everyone updated because I know there are a few people on here who did know Skip and I'm hoping that they are able to spread the word to where it needs to go to let people know his condition.

Skip will forever be in my thoughts, he's a great friend and I will miss his phone calls and contribution to the site very much!
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I have missed his great comments and experience on the boards.
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My name is MIchel.

I do not know Skip Douglas, I am sorry to hear that he is not doing well.

I came across his post: what I did to avoid snow intrusion into my generator. I thought this was a very good idea and I did the same. I am in the process of installing my 9 KW generac. I will know by January if the plexiglass is working.

I wishe him well and my thoughts and prayers are with him.
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