Sunspot AR2887 Solar Flare

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This alert was sent out on 10/28/2021 at 1:06 PM PDT...

Boom! Just a couple of hours ago, sunspot AR2887 blasted a powerful X-class flare (the first in 4 years) directly toward Earth! The blast created a massive tsunami of plasma in the sun's atmosphere which will hit Earth's magnetosphere in a couple of days. ... dium=email

As you may know, an X-class solar flare is extremely powerful, and can cause extreme damage to electrical grids, and connected electrical appliances and electronics. You way want to totally disconnect from your grid connections until after this passes. Impact with our magnetosphere should occur today. Purchase fuel and supplies in advance, in case there are no gas stations or stores that can operate fuel pumps or point of sale terminals.

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Well. Those happen regularly enough and I don’t recall a single time power was disrupted. Guess I just don’t worry about them.
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I'm part of a few astronomy clubs since I enjoy astrophotography when I get time. They were all chatting about it and basically the missed photo op. Most of those people are MUCH smarter than I, and none seemed concerned about any type of grid failure or anything.
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