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Hi All,
I just wanted to take a sec to introduce myself. My name is Brett Broussard and live in Louisiana. I have been in my home for ~7-years, which was built by/for us. We installed a 22kw Generac generator at that time and it has been a lifesaver multiple times. A few years ago, I ran into an issue with the ever troublesome "Charger Missing AC" error and just never dug into it as it seemed very sporadic as to when it would happen (and never seemed to occur the first 1/2 of us owning/operating it or at least I never noticed it). Well, I am back around to trying to resolve that issue, so interested in what the group might be able to offer for my particular issue. I plan to start a new topic in the forum to describe what I am seeing and what I would like to achieve in hopes that it is achievable. Thanks for letting me join the forum! Look forward to the conversations...
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Did this error occur only while utility power was out, or would it occur while utility power is present?
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Charger Missing AC is an alarm that pops up when the T1 circuit to the controller loses power for more than a few seconds. This can happen when either power to the home is lost and the generator doesn't start to re-power the T1 circuit, or when a fuse or control wire is compromised. Basically, you need to know if T1 has 120V power on it...
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