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I am a very mechanically inclined individual who fixes cars, dirt bikes, small engine equipment including some Honda generators. I find myself now venturing into helping people with stand-by generators. Mostly Generac and Honeywell 16-22kw units. I also have a 16kw Honeywell, model G0071810 Been scouring the internets for a cross reference chart for part numbers between Honeywell and Generac units.

I think I have concluded that Honeywell model G0071810 = Generac 70351 Guardian.

This site looks like a great information site as well as for parts. My first real problem I am investigating is an intermittent starting issue. I will be running some checks on the SCR and the SC/SM.

I thought I would easily find a Youtube video on SM replacement, just to be safe...odd that I haven't been able to find one for the newer Guardians. I looks pretty straight forward, I guess I may find out soon!

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Honeywell and Generac are identical expect for paint color. Either can be entered into Generac's 'Find My Manual' section using the serial number and all the exploded views will pop up with part numbers.

The starters are pretty straight forward, just two bolts holding them in. There are probably not many (if any) videos because it's basically done blind.
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