Starter contactor/solenoid XT8500EFI

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I need a starter contactor/solenoid for my Generac XT8500EFI. MODEL G0072471
SERIAL 3006781233. I have looked at many diagrams, called Generac nowhere, called Jack's Small Engines and they couldn't find it. Generac customer service thinks it's a starter. They say what I'm after doesn't exist. Sure it does....see. lol
Please help,
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Its probably this one. But i cant find it referenced.
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It's frustrating that we keep starting new topics for this and can't keep it all in one place...

I think the reason you're getting that answer is because the build sheet for that unit (and starter) call this an assembly, which means that the solenoid was supplied as part of the starter. It does look like GRS's image matches there, but you'd be taking a gamble on whether or not it's the right one, since we don't have any way to cross it to the serial number or starter assembly. I did add it to our site if you want to see pricing: ... r-solenoid
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