GP17500E Boggs down with load

Portable standby generator troubleshooting and repair questions. (Gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas)
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My GP17500E has 5 hours on it. Serial # 3001700513 - Model # G0057352. It needs to be choked to start, which seems normal. But it needs choke to restart when it’s warm. It can handle normal loads without bogging down. But when a 220V load kicks in, like the water heater or AC unit, the engine dies, unless I’m standing right there and work the choke until the engine stabilizes. Then it runs fine with heavy loads, until another 200v load kicks in.
Also, the “Idle Control” does not work.
It had non-ethanol fuel with stabilizer in it for about a year. I drained that fuel and cleaned the carburetor. The fuel is now fresh with stabilizer in it. The filter is clean. The fuel pump works. Engine still needs to be choked whether cold or hot and shuts down with heavy loads. It backfires when shutting down.
The generator puts out good power at 60 hertz.
Someone told me that these carburetors are crap and can’t be cleaned, but should just be replaced. What am I missing?
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It's time for a leak down test if you are 100% sure that the carburetor is clean. Chances are might be some issues going on with the valves. Backfiring while shutting down indicates a rich mixture or a carboned up combustion chamber where remaining fuel from the engine spinning down ignites inside the combustion chamber at a hotspot or in the muffler. I have seen these machines with leaky valves that require pulling both heads and doing a complete valve job.

The other part I've seen go in a short amount of time are the stepper motors that control the idle because the inside gears are made of plastic and they tend to fail. The idle control board can also go as well especially if the battery is not holding a charge. Many variables but I would focus on the gas engine first before looking at anything electrical.
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