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Automatic standby generator installation questions. Wiring, placement, code requirements, etc.
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Hello all!

I have a 22kw Honeywell standby as a backup generator and am possibly looking at getting a solar setup with a small battery system (to be able to use the excess energy produced instead of selling it back to the elco for pennies on the dollar). I read some of the other posts on solar and generators and from what I see the easiest is to wire the solar into the line side of the transfer switch.

My question would be, is there any way to wire the generator/ATS/solar so that the generator powers up to charge the battery during a power outage. That way the generator wouldn't run the entire outage.

Hopefully this makes sense and there is a way to do it.

Solar company hasnt come out for a quote yet so I don't know what inverters and batteries they use in their setups.

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This is going to be a question for the solar company or the equipment manufacturer. Some manufacturers actually void warranties over generators installed on their systems...
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Most common solar battery systems do not charge off a generator.

Ones that I know of that do and are good at it


Some that may not be so good at it

-Solar Edge

Others may not charge at all, and tell you to put a transfer switch after the system and run the generator continuously when the battery runs out.

There are some others that I do not feel are worth a mention.

It is by far most cost effective to run a generator and burn fuel than to buy a $$,$$$ battery system. Even if you already have solar.
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