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Automatic standby generator installation questions. Wiring, placement, code requirements, etc.
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If generator off and I test N1 and N2 utility sensing should I read 240volts across I have 120volt on T1
Will there always be 240volt on utility sensing? Can u explain how it starts when utility power goes out
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Yes, at all times when the utility power is on, N1 and N2 will read 240V (or whatever the utility power is coming in)

T1 is a 120V battery charging circuit that will always have power, regardless if the generator is powering the home or the utility is. It's connected to the load side of the transfer switch.

When the controller senses a loss of power on either N1, N2 or both, the controller calls for the unit to start and begin the warmup timer and then transfer.
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I still suspect the battery as your problem. I would charge it fully and take it somewhere for a load test. That is a easy one to check from square one.
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