What size gas line for my new 22kW 7043 Generac?

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Just got my new 22kW generator and am wondering what size gas line I should run for it? It's going to be about 50 feet away from the gas meter which is a 400 CFH meter that I have already had upgraded for the installation. Thanks!
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If you are using black iron pipe and not CSST or plastic underground, normally I would run a 1-1/4" line for that unit. This is assuming that the gas pressure there is between 5-7" (natural gas) of water and not elevated. If using an elevated system and a step down regulator at the generator, the line could be sized smaller, but I recommend contacting a licensed plumber locally to determine the line size for you. If you do contact a licensed plumber, the fuel spec for that unit is in the owner's manual and installation manual and will be 281,000 BTU/HR. If you have a new Wi-Fi unit model 70432 the spec is 327,000 BTU/HR. To be honest, I'd just use the larger spec anyways, they are the same unit minus the new Wi-Fi module.
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I ran 1 1/2 black steel pipe into my basement then T off with 1 1/4 les then 50 feet First thing off the meter and ran the 1 1/4 out the foundation and reduced it to 3/4 then we went 5 foot with 2 risers to the generator a 22 kw Do yo think that’s to far with the 3/4 thanks rich
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