ATS Fuses keep blowing

Automatic/Manual transfer switch repair, wiring & troubleshooting questions
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Honeywell ATS model 0K9481D
Honeywell 17KW whole home generator model 0062601

Fuses blow. We had our generator for 4 years before the N1 and N2 fuses that protect the generator control panel blew. The generator mechanic replaced the 5 amp fuses with 20 amp fuses and they lasted almost a year before they blew. Last week another generator mechanic replaced the blown 20 amp fuses with 5 amp fuses. Those lasted about a week. The authorized service provider for my generator doesn't have electricians and doesn't know what is wrong. He thought the problem was with the utility provider, but at only 5 amps, there has to be something in the transfer switch that steps down the amperage, right?

I need to hire an electrician, but I would like to tell him what is wrong with the transfer switch.
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First off, the fact that someone swapped the 5's for 20's is terrifying...

2nd, has anyone checked to see if the unit has a battery warmer or oil warmer that is bad?

They're connected to N1 and N2 and will blow the fuses if they are bad.

Could also be bad wiring somewhere, especially if it's thermostat wiring.
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