Generac GTS Automatic Transfer Switch not starting generator on power failure.

Automatic/Manual transfer switch repair, wiring & troubleshooting questions
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Hi we have a 10KW Generac Model 2737950100 year 2002 with GTS Type "W" Automatic Transfer Switch. It doesn't startup when utility power fails, yet starts fine manually. When trying to run the fast test or normal test modes with switch on GTS nothing happened. After checking some things I found some loose and dirty connections on the Auto/Manual switch inside the generator panel, so I cleaned them, lubed and tightened them. Now fast test and normal mode works.

I set everything on the In-Phase Monitor Control board to factory specs but when I tried to calibrate the board I could only calibrate the Stdby side of the in-phase monitor control board switch. I could not get any of the four red lights to light up on the Utility side so I couldn't calibrate it.

Any ideas why the Utility calibration lights would not light up so I could calibrate it?

Could that be the problem of why its not auto starting during a power failure?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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