wiring cummins gen to a generac ats

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I'm installing a cummins C17N6h generator with a generac 10000011659 ats. The six wires from the ats connect to what connectors in the generator
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Im not sure if you can even hook up a cummins generator to a generac switch, because cummins requires a “smart” switch as the switch is the brains of the generator. Generac uses a dumb switch and the generators controller has the brains to operate the system. Im sure there may be some aftermarket product out there to make it work, but not sure where to find it.
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I'm going to this same scenario now and I think it is quite simple. I just need to add a utility power sense relay inside the ATS which will remove negative from the generator once utility is lost to trigger the remote start and the generator will start the Utility-to-GEN sequence and the generator will trigger the ATS in the same manner, by sending negative to terminal 23 of the generac ATS. Once the utility is back, the added relay will send the remote start negative back to the generator, at that point, the generator starts the 'GEN-to-Utility' sequence and will remove negative from terminal 23, making the transfer back to utility.
Does this sounds correct? I welcome any input.
I will test on Wednesday when we have to do the actual install and report back..


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