Governor Actuator Problem Code

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My Rv qd 5000 onan generator is throwing service fault 19 governor actuator. It’s done this early in the year for the past two seasons when I brought it out of storage but ends up working as it should. This year it shuts off usually about 2 min after starting. It will sometimes run for 45 min. I drove the rv down to onan dealer last year and it worked like a champ after I dropped it off for them. Dealer is about 2 hours away. Any reason to why it is having problems and shutting down. Thought about ordering the actuator and hoping it’s in a spot I can get to. This unit is not in a slide cradle. If it’s not on the access panel on the front side I got more problems. Actuator is about $500. Seems like the first year I pulled the cover off side panel and actuator cover and cleaned a few connections and it started working again.
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I'm sorry, but I just don't have any experience with these units to give you a great answer. Based on everything I can find about it, it sounds like the error code is activated when the controller senses a short or open in the governor control. Have you found any loose or corroded wiring or connectors?
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