About Us – How Gentek Power Got Started

Serving Michigan's Need For Great Generator Service

Chris started Gentek Power LLC out of a local need for great generator service and superior knowledge about Generac products.  In a flooded market full of installers and service people, there were only a handful of truly good dealers with experienced service techs.  Customers were reaching out for better service and a company who knew the Generac products inside and out.  Chris worked for a large local & E-commerce dealer for about 10 years learning everything he could about the Generac standby generator line.  He developed a very close relationship with Generac and their team, and in late 2018 Gentek Power LLC became a reality…

We’ve worked with Generac products for over 12 years and know their lineup like the back of our hands!  We’re not like the other guys; Home standby & Commercial standby generators are what we specialize in, and we’re good at it!  We take pride in knowing how to troubleshoot and repair a generator in minutes, rather than hours or days.  This saves the customer money, and keeps downtime to an absolute minimum!

Go with the company that other dealers reach to when they have a problem they can’t solve!  We support several local dealers and installers with parts, service and troubleshooting help on regular basis.  This level of service doesn’t come easy!  Several thousand hours of time spent working with Generac standby products is the only way to get where we have.

Meet Chris Flagg – Owner; Gentek Power LLC of Michigan